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Japanese Patent JP4057871
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A semi-transparent type liquid crystal display device includes circuit array substrate AR, counter substrate CT and liquid crystal layer LQ held between circuit array and counter substrates AR and CT. The alignment of liquid crystal layer LQ is also controlled by circuit array and counter substrates AR and CT. Circuit array substrate AR has transparent and reflective electrode films 8 and 9 at pixel regions. Transparent electrode films 8 to allow light from a rear light source to pass are lower in level than the reflective electrode films 9 to reflect ambient incident light. Counter substrate CT is provided with recesses RS corresponding to the transparent electrode films 8 of circuit array substrate AR to make the thickness of liquid crystal layer LQ thicker at transparent electrode films 8 than at reflective electrode films 9.

Hirokazu Morimoto
Kurauchi Shoichi
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Publication Date:
March 05, 2008
Filing Date:
September 19, 2002
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Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
G02B5/20; G02F1/1335; G02F1/1333; G02F1/13357
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Takehiko Suzue
Satoshi Kono
Makoto Nakamura
Kurata Masatoshi
Takashi Mine
Yoshihiro Fukuhara
Sadao Muramatsu
Ryo Hashimoto