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Japanese Patent JP4068170
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Valve assembly 100 for sealed reception of an elongated object 200 includes a valve body 102, 104, 112 having at least one opening configured and dimensioned to permit entry of an elongated object and defining a central longitudinal axis, an elongated seal member 110 formed of a resilient material and defining an aperture in general alignment with the opening of the valve body whereby the aperture is configured and dimensioned such that insertion of the object into the aperture causes the resilient material defining the aperture to resiliently engage the outer surface of the object in a substantially fluid flight manner, and at least one elongated guard member 140 disposed within the seal member in supporting contact with the inner surface thereof. The guard member is positioned to engage the elongated object upon at least partial insertion of the elongated object into the valve body. The guard member includes at least a first substantially rigid portion 148 adapted to be displaced relative to the longitudinal axis to facilitate expansion of the aperture of the seal member upon entry of the object therein and a second portion 150 having less rigidity than the first portion of the guard member to enhance passage of the elongated object through the valve body.

Robert sea smith
Peter W Jay Hinch Leaf
James Correia
Martin jay no hillie
Cart other virgin
Richard Dee Gray Sham
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Publication Date:
March 26, 2008
Filing Date:
August 08, 1995
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A61B1/00; A61M25/00; A61B17/34; A61M39/06
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Takeshi Oshio
Minoru Nakamura
Fumiaki Otsuka
Shishido Kaichi
Nobuo Ogawa