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Japanese Patent JP4083465
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A two piece cable tie (100) is provided having an improved metal locking device anchoring system. The cable tie includes a strap (104) including a first end and a free end and a locking head (102) secured to the first end of the strap that defines a strap accepting channel (122) in the head having a strap entry end (168) and a strap exit end (166). The locking head further includes a metal locking device (136) receiving cavity (180) adjacent to and open toward the strap exit end (166) of the locking head (102) and a mounting slot (130) having an inner support wall, an outer support wall and a support slot communicating the mounting slot with the receiving cavity. A metal locking device (136) is mounted through the metal locking device receiving cavity (180) into the mounting slot (130). The metal locking device (136) has a free end (138) positioned within the strap accepting channel (122) and a fixed end (134) having at least one bent tang (132) protruding outwardly from a surface of the metal locking device (136). The fixed end (134) having the at least one bent tang (132) is insertable through the support slot. Upon such insertion, the inner support surface (162) of the mounting slot (130) resiliently urges at least a protruding edge of the at least one bent tang (132) against the outer support surface (164) to anchor the metal locking device (136) within the mounting slot (130) and resist withdrawal of the metal locking device (136) in a direction towards the exit end of the strap accepting channel (122). The inventive cable tie (106) is capable of multiple strap threading without failure. The barbed anchoring system and method are particularly suited for cable ties having a bent metal locking device with a mounting slot parallel with the strap accepting channel.

Jack E Caveney
Robert Jay Krissel
James A. Brownley
Joseph Leshchevic
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Publication Date:
April 30, 2008
Filing Date:
May 15, 2002
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B65B27/00; H02G3/30; B65D63/10; F16L3/137; F16L3/233; H02G1/06
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Kazuo Shamoto
Tadashi Masui
Yasushi Kobayashi
Akio Chiba
Hiroyuki Tomita
Shigeru Ito