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Japanese Patent JP4094519
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To provide a simple processing box of portable terminal data with which a function of a portable communication terminal can easily be used with the very small number of operation times, and to provide a simple processing method of portable terminal data.

In a main body casing 1 forming a unit box, an electric connection part which freely attachably and detachably inserts a connector connected to the portable terminal, a display picture 2, a key group 3 and a data storage controller 21 controlling data storage are constituted. A data storage deletion processing circuit 25 taking in and storing data of the portable terminal and instructing recording of data and deletion of data is formed in the data storage controller 21. The key group 3 is formed of a menu selection key 14 selecting display of a first data group and a second data group and of a data storage deletion key 17. The data storage deletion processing circuit 25 creates a recording signal for selectively recording first type data or second type data selected by the menu selection key 14 and the data storage deletion key 17 into a first data memory 23 or a second data memory 24. Thus, the number of times of user's operation remarkably decreases.


栗原 洋介
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June 04, 2008
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October 15, 2003
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G06F3/02; H04M1/21; H04M1/02; H04M1/23; H04M1/247; H04M1/725
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工藤 実