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Japanese Patent JP4110277
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To provide a controller of a hybrid vehicle which can start an engine without giving a sense of incongruity to a driver.

In the hybrid vehicle, an engine 2, a first motor 3, a second motor 4 and an output shaft 6 which serves as coupling relation by a planetary gear unit. The controller 1 of the hybrid vehicle includes an engine control means 20 capable of controlling to drive the engine 2, and a motor control means 24 capable of controlling to drive the first motor 3 and the second motor 4. The motor control means 24 controls to drive the first motor 3 and the second motor 4 within a motor limiting torque retaining an excess force for smoothly starting the engine 2 by the first motor 3 and the second motor 4 during traveling during controlling to stop the engine 2 by the engine control means 20. Thus, when the engine 2 is started, the engine 2 can be smoothly started, and prevents a driver from being given by a sense of incongruity.


High See Shigeki
Takeshi Inuzuka
Yamaguchi Kozo
Tomohiko Ito
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Publication Date:
July 02, 2008
Filing Date:
October 07, 2003
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Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
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B60W20/00; B60K6/445; B60K17/04; B60L50/16; B60W10/06; B60W10/08; F02D29/02; F02D45/00; F16H48/10
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Kazuo Chikajima
Shinji Aida