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Japanese Patent JP4122004
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Disclosed is a plasma etching chamber for completely dry-cleaning a film material and particles deposited at the periphery of a wafer through plasma etching while generating plasma at the top to the bottom sides of the periphery of the wafer. A pair of top and bottom anodes facing each other is placed around the periphery of the wafer under the application of radio frequency through a cathode. Alternatively, a top cathode and a bottom anode are placed around the periphery of the wafer while facing each other and a view-ring shields the area of the cathode, the anode and the wafer from the outside. A plasma etching system includes a plurality of the above-structured etching chambers. A handler takes wafers from a plurality of cassette stands or load ports, and posture-corrects the orientation frat locations of the wafers by a wafer alignment unit. The wafers are charged into the plasma etching chambers directly or via load lock chambers. The handler takes the etched wafers from the chambers, and returns the wafers to the cassettes or the load ports directly or via the load lock chambers.

林 東洙
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July 23, 2008
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November 18, 2003
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H01L21/3065; C23F1/00; H01J37/32; H01L21/02; H01L21/304
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成瀬 重雄