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Japanese Patent JP4129262
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The invention relates to a metering device for dosing pressurized fluids, comprising a housing (12) with a metering opening, controlled an axially moveable valve needle (26), an axially extendable piezoelectric actuator (18), a thermal compensator unit (20), and an electrical connector (30) for supplying electrical power to the piezoelectric actuator (18). According to the invention the electrical connector (30) comprises a connector body (32) containing a first set of pins (34A, 34B, 36A, 36B) adapted to be connected with an external power supply, and a second set of pins (38A, 38B) electrically connected to the first set of pins (34A, 34B, 36A, 36B) and providing electrical contact to the piezoelectric actuator (18), wherein the first set of pins (34A, 34B, 36A, 36B) is rigidly mounted in the connector body (32) and the second set of pins (38A, 38B) is axially moveably mounted in the connector body (32) to permit rapid axial movement of the thermal compensator unit (20).

ファブリツィオ ビアジェッティ
ヴァレリオ ポリドリ
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August 06, 2008
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August 27, 2003
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Siemens VDO Automotive SpA
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F02M51/06; F02M51/00; F02M61/16; H01L41/053; H01R13/05; H01R13/533; F02M63/00; H01R4/02; H01R13/52; H01R13/66
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久野 琢也
山崎 利臣