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Japanese Patent JP4130225
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PCT No. PCT/GB96/02970 Sec. 371 Date Dec. 28, 1998 Sec. 102(e) Date Dec. 28, 1998 PCT Filed Dec. 2, 1996 PCT Pub. No. WO97/22022 PCT Pub. Date Jun. 19, 1997A method of producing an optical element including a photopolymer layer between two holograms is disclosed. The holograms have the same diffraction spacing and refractive index, but the first hologram has an efficiency of about one-half that of the second hologram, preferably about fifty per cent and ninety-five per cent respectively. The photopolymer is polymerized to adjust the refractive index of the photopolymer until output beams will overlap and cancel each other.

ストラチャン, ジョン, スコット.
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August 06, 2008
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December 02, 1996
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ストラチャン, ジョン, スコット.
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G02B5/00; G02B5/32; G02B3/08; G02B5/18; G03H1/04
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小野 由己男
宮川 良夫