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Japanese Patent JP4146376
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The method involves digging an edge (90) in a dedendum flank (50a), producing a lid (80) for introducing it in the edge, and welding edges (85) of the lid to a blade (40) on the flank. Welded bead penetrates in the blade with a depth P equal to thickness of edges (85) to ensure continuity of material between the edges (85) and the blade on a depth equal to the thickness of the edges (85) of the lid. The edge (90) and the lid (80) are proportioned so that the lid (80) is introduced in the edge (90) and put in support by its lower surface (84) against support surface and so that the upper surface (82) is in the extension of the dedendum flank (50a). The welding is made by rotating a tool that is moved along a welding trajectory. The tool having a finger and a shoulder penetrates from the dedendum flank (50a) between the lid (80) and the blade (40) until the shoulder contacts the dedendum flank (50a) and the lid (80).

Jean-Pierre Felt
Jiyan-Ryutsk Bourg
Douni larquer
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September 10, 2008
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March 23, 2004
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F01D5/16; B21D53/78; B23K20/12; B23P15/04; F01D5/14; F01D5/18; F02C7/00; F04D29/38
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Yoshio Kawaguchi
Akio Ichiiri
Makoto Ono
Katsuma Osaki
Mitsuaki Tsubokura