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Japanese Patent JP4148605
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A network system which automatically reconfigures its virtual LAN (VLAN) topology when a terminal station is relocated or newly added. When a terminal is relocated from one switch's local group to another switch's, the latter switch examines incoming frames from the relocated terminal, consulting its VLAN configuration table stored in a first storage unit. If this terminal turns out to be unknown to the switch, a query unit in the switch will request information about the unknown terminal by sending a query message to a server that manages the configuration of the network system. In response to the query, a searching unit in the server scans data records in a second storage unit, thus recognizing that the terminal in question has been relocated. The server then identifies to which VLAN the terminal is supposed to belong. A transmission unit in the server sends this information back to the requesting switch. According to the response from the server, an updating unit in the switch modifies its VLAN configuration table stored in the first storage unit.

Michiko Abe
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Publication Date:
September 10, 2008
Filing Date:
August 06, 1999
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H04L12/44; H04L12/24; H04L12/46
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Takeshi Hattori