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Japanese Patent JP4159182
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a resin composition which does not cause fine splits on its molded item by blending a lignocellulose or cellulose material, a polyolefin resin, a specific amount of polytetrafluoroethylene and a specific amount of an alkyl (meth)acrylate polymer. SOLUTION: This resin composition contains 0.1-1.5 wt.% of polytetrafluoroethylene and 0.05-4.5 wt.% of an alkyl (meth)acrylate polymer. Preferably the resin composition contains not less than 20 wt.% of (A) a lignocellurose or cellulose material. Preferably the material (A) is (B) an esterified lignocellulose or cellulose material. Preferably the material (B) is a maleic acid-modified wood powder obtained by carrying out addition- esterification of a wood powder with maleic anhydride. A polyolefin to be used is preferably a mixture of a polypropylene of an MFR of 0.1-200 g/10 min at 230 deg.C and a polyethylene of an MFR of 0.01-200 g/10 min at 190 deg.C.

Hiroshi Matsumoto
Yuki Yamaguchi
Minami Ueda
Matsuda Hide Ming
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October 01, 2008
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May 31, 1999
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Okura Industry Co., Ltd.
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C08J5/00; C08L97/02; B29C47/00; C08L1/00; C08L23/00; C08L23/02; C08L27/18; C08L33/08; B29K1/00; B29K23/00
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