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Japanese Patent JP4162964
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To provide an air pump which is connectable even when an air pipe of aeration piping and backwashing piping of a septic tank is reversely laid by mistake, with the air pipe in the mistakenly laid state.

The air pump 1 comprises a pump main body 2, an air tank 3 for discharging from either an outlet port A or B, and a control device 4. The air tank 3 is equipped with an air chamber 11, 12 and 13 partitioned by partitioning walls 14, and a flow path switching device 5 attached thereto. The partitioning walls 14 are provided with branch mouths 9 and 10 for dividing an air flow path. The outlet port A comprises two outlet ports A1and A2provided in the air chamber 12 or 13, the outlet port B comprises two outlet ports B1and B2provided in the air chamber 12 or 13, and the outlet ports A1and B1are positioned to complement the outlet ports A2and B2in plan view.


Hisashi Kobayashi
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Publication Date:
October 08, 2008
Filing Date:
October 03, 2002
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Hitachi House Tech Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
F04B41/02; C02F3/20; F04B45/047
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Masatake Shiga
Takahashi Nobuo
Takashi Watanabe
Suzuki Mitsuyoshi
Kazuya Nishi
Murayama Yasuhiko