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Japanese Patent JP4183840
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This portable light source apparatus accommodates a deuterium lamp 10 in a lamp box 42 and, at the same time, in a housing 41 in order for the influence of temperature changes in the outside air to become very small. Namely, the deuterium lamp 10, which is susceptible to changes in temperature, is enveloped not only by the lamp box 42 but also by the housing 41, thereby being accommodated in a double shield structure. Further, it has been known that ozone is generated when ultraviolet rays are emitted in the air. Therefore, a light guide tube 70 for extending a light exit opening 69 of the lamp box 42 is provided, so that cooling winds do not traverse the ultraviolet rays. As a result, ozone is restrained from occurring in the part where the ultraviolet rays occur within the housing 41, whereby the emitted light is appropriately kept from fluctuating due to the occurrence of ozone.

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清 勇二郎
伊藤 真城
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November 19, 2008
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April 28, 1999
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F21V17/00; F21V29/02; F21L13/00; F21L14/00; F21L14/02; F21V8/00; F21V29/00; F21V29/15; G01J3/02; G01J3/10; G01N21/01; G02B6/00; H01J61/02; H01J61/04; H01J61/12; H01J61/52
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長谷川 芳樹
塩田 辰也
寺崎 史朗