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Japanese Patent JP4206701
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To provide an epoxy resin composition which can diminish wire deformation without lowering its fluidity and causes less warpage deformation even when used in a one-side-sealed package and to provide an electronic component device provided with elements sealed with the composition.

The epoxy resin composition essentially consists of (A) an epoxy resin, (B) a phenolic resin, and (C) a cure accelerator. At least either of the epoxy resin (A) and the phenolic resin (B) contains at least either of (D) a salicylaldehyde resin and (E) a copolymer resin of a benzaldehyde resin with an aralkyl resin, and the cure accelerator (C) contains (F) an adduct of a tertiary phosphine with a quinone compound. The electronic component device is provided with elements sealed with the composition.


Shinya Nakamura
Mitsuo Katayose
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Publication Date:
January 14, 2009
Filing Date:
July 12, 2002
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Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
C08G59/38; C09K3/10; C08G59/40; C08K3/00; C08L63/00; C08L83/04; H01L23/29; H01L23/31
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Hidekazu Miyoshi
Iwa Saki Kokuni
Kawamata Sumio
Masakazu Ito
Shunichi Takahashi
Toshio Takamatsu