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Japanese Patent JP4226702
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According to the method of the present invention one or more organic or inorganic metal salts or compounds of at least one of the groups IV, V and VI of the periodic system particularly, V, Cr, Mo and W optionally together with one or more organic iron group metal salts are dissolved in at least one polar solvent with at least one complex former comprising functional groups in the form of OH or NR3, (R=H or alkyl) and complex bound with at least one complex former. Hard constituent powder and optionally soluble carbon source are added to the solution. The solvent is evaporated and remaining powder is heat treated in inert and/or reducing atmosphere. As a result coated hard constituent powder is obtained which after addition of pressing agent and optionally with other coated hard constituent powders and/or carbon to obtain the desired composition can be compacted and sintered according to standard practice.

Mats Waldenstrom
Rolf Svenson
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Publication Date:
February 18, 2009
Filing Date:
October 14, 1998
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Sandvik Intellectual Property Actie Borag
International Classes:
B22F1/02; B22F3/10; C22C1/05
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Aoki Atsushi
Ishida Kei
Tetsuji Koga
Nagasaka Tomoyasu
Hiroshi Kamematsu
Masaya Nishiyama