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Japanese Patent JP4231098
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To provide a system for continuously treating garbage easily to obtain fertilizer or livestock feed since garbage is treated in a disposer for a moment but is hardly treated recently, outdated food is recovered and treated in bulk or is discarded mostly as combustible garbage in an unestablished area of a recovery and treatment system and the commercially available system for treating/utilizing garbage is expensive and is not used popularly.

Such a plan is considered that garbage is crushed by rotating blades of a mixer or the like and the crushed pieces are spun off to the outside of a drum as a method for crushing garbage efficiently. In order to put the plan into action, the drum having a net or many holes, each of which has the same size as that of a mesh of the net, on the periphery thereof is used so that the crushed pieces of the garbage are dropped downward successively and dried by hot air while being mixed slowly. The hot air is stopped automatically by using a temperature/humidity sensor when the target moisture is measured. Since garbage can be treated continuously, the work can be done efficiently in comparison with the conventional system. In the case of the system for business use, half-dried pieces of the garbage can be withdrawn, the garbage can be dried fully and commercialized easily.


Tamura Tadashi
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February 25, 2009
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August 07, 2008
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Tamura Tadashi
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