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Japanese Patent JP4255396
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This inventio provides a water jet loom having such advantages, in view of problems involved in conventional technology, that water is prevented from adherence to warps and/or fabrics by preventing water inside the loom from scattering and collecting the water to a single site and the maintenance inside the loom and water recovery are also facilitated. A temple apparatus is provided, being such that, in the water jet loom having a plurality of beams bridged over a pair of frames at both left and right ends of the loom, there are installed a water recovery section set in between a pair of front and rear beams or beneath the beams and a water-receiving cover that is set at least on one side of between feed beams from a weft flying path and between reeling rolls from the weft flying path andextends vertically so as to block the corresponding beams or rolls off the weft flying path, wherein the lower end of the water-receiving cover is situated in between the pair of front and rear beamsor within the vertically extending region in between the pair of front and rear beams.

Moriguchi Saichiro
Masa Anada
Keiichi Nagi
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Publication Date:
April 15, 2009
Filing Date:
March 19, 2004
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Tsudakoma Industry Co., Ltd.
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D03J1/00; D03D47/32; D03J1/04; D03J1/06
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