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Japanese Patent JP4257800
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A hybrid drive device includes an input member connected to an engine; an output member connected to a wheel; a first rotating electrical machine; a second rotating electrical machine connected to the output member; and a differential gear device including at least four rotational elements. The input member, the output member, and the first rotating electrical machine are respectively connected to different rotational elements of the differential gear device. The output member is capable of selectively connecting to one of two rotational elements of the differential gear device to which neither the input member nor the first rotating electrical machine is connected.

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▲高▼見 重樹
三治 広明
出塩 幸彦
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池 宣和
河口 美嘉
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Publication Date:
April 22, 2009
Filing Date:
October 09, 2007
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International Classes:
B60K6/365; B60K6/40; B60K6/445; B60K6/547; B60L50/16; F16H3/66; F16H3/72
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
三宅 一郎
北村 修一郎
東 邦彦