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Japanese Patent JP4262089
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An apparatus and a method for impressing three-dimensional patterns in a slip-formed concrete wall. At least one impression roller is provided at the discharge end of a slip form. The impression roller includes an outer periphery, provided with a layer or coating of resilient material. The layer is pre-formed or pre-cast to include an aesthetically pleasing, three-dimensional pattern. The axis of the roller is maintained in parallel relation to the plane of the exposed surface of the wall, with the outer periphery of the roller slightly depressed into the wall surface. As the uncured concrete wall emerges from the slip form, the impression roller places a pattern into the wall surface which corresponds to the pattern on the roller. Movement of the roller along the wall causes the impression roller to rotate, impressing successively formed portions of the wall with the pattern. Additional rollers may be used to impress patterns on the opposing wall surface, as well as the top wall surface. After the concrete wall has fully cured, stain, paint, or other decorative features may be applied to the pattern, adding further visual interest and variety.

Allen, Michael Bee
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May 13, 2009
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July 18, 2002
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Slipstone, Incorporated
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E02D29/02; E04G11/34; B28B11/08; B28B13/02; E01C19/43; E01C19/48; E04G9/10
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Tadahiko Ito
Shinsuke Onuki
Tadashige Ito