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Japanese Patent JP4280885
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An anchoring system for securing an elongate medical article having a first branch and a second branch arranged in a Y-configuration, comprising an anchor pad having an upper surface and a lower surface, at least a portion of the lower surface being formed with an adhesive layer, and a retainer disposed on the upper surface of the anchor pad. The retainer comprises a base having a groove to receive at least a portion of the elongate medical article, and a cover pivotally coupled to the base and movable between an open position in which the groove is exposed and a closed position in which the groove is covered. The cover cooperates with the groove when the cover is in the closed position to define a peripheral boundary of a channel. A post shaped retention mechanism member projects generally normal to the base and is disposed within the channel such that spaces are defined between two opposite sides of the post shaped retention mechanism member and the peripheral boundary of the channel for receiving the first and second branches of the medical article, respectively, the post being adapted to fit between the branches to inhibit longitudinal movement of the medical article in at least one longitudinal direction. The base and the cover include an interengaging structure which releasably secures together the base and the cover in the closed position.

ビーアマン スティーブン エフ.
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June 17, 2009
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October 16, 1998
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ヴェネテック インターナショナル,インコーポレイテッド
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三枝 英二
掛樋 悠路
小原 健志
中川 博司
舘 泰光
斎藤 健治
藤井 淳
関 仁士
中野 睦子