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Japanese Patent JP4294318
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A record carrier of a disc-like optically inscribable type, has a preformed track in which an auxiliary signal including a sequence of codes recorded by a preformed track modulation. The codes include a sequence of address codes specifying the addresses of the track portions in which the address codes are recorded and special codes. The special codes can be distinguished from the address codes and specify control data for controlling a recording by a recording device. The record carrier is provided with an extended area preceding a program calibration area. The extended area includes special codes representing additional control information for controlling the recording.

ネイブール,ヤコブ へー
カブラウ,ヨハネス ヘー エフ
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Publication Date:
July 08, 2009
Filing Date:
December 06, 2001
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コーニンクレッカ フィリップス エレクトロニクス エヌ ヴィ
International Classes:
G11B7/007; G11B7/24; G11B7/0045; G11B7/005; G11B20/10; G11B20/12; G11B27/19; G11B27/24; G11B27/30
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伊東 忠彦