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Japanese Patent JP4364924
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Provided is a mold clamping apparatus of a mold having a side wall portion of cantilever shape, by which deformation of the mold side wall portion can be efficiently suppressed. An injection molding machine and injection molding method both using the mold clamping apparatus are also provided. Thereby, molded articles with high quality having no flash generation can be obtained. The mold clamping apparatus comprises a side pusher comprising a pair of supports respectively arranged between adjacent two tie bars out of a plurality of tie bars at positions symmetrical to each other and slidably supported to the tie bars, a moving and positioning means linking the supports to a fixed platen or movable platen and moving the supports to be positioned at a predetermined position and a lateral clamping means provided on each of the pair of supports to push a side face of a fixed mold or movable mold.

Hiroshi Matsushita
Hiroshi Terayama
Naoki Kato
Ayumu Sakamoto
Shinji Yasuda
Sadao Mori
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Publication Date:
November 18, 2009
Filing Date:
April 19, 2006
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
Honda motor industry stock company
International Classes:
B29C45/64; B22D17/26
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Hiroaki Sakai
Shigemitsu Tanaka
Shin Ishikawa