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Japanese Patent JP4402626
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To finally reduce sludge to zero by efficiently treat floating organic matter and sludge, solubilized by ultra-atomization, with fermentative bacteria to greatly increase sewage treatment capacity.

A sewage treatment system 1 comprises a solubilization device 200 which supplies sewage containing night soil and the like from a storage tank 13 receiving the supply of the sewage from a receiving tank 11, to a ring passage at a high speed of ≥8 m/sec by a pump P2 to ultra-atomize sewage clusters and contained organic matter by at least shearing action of a high-speed water flow and shock given by a rotator, and intakes air at an ejector part and return it to an agitation tank 14, an aeration tank 15 which receives the supply of the ultra-atomized sewage and fermentative bacteria from the agitation tank and performs aeration, a fermentative bacteria supply device 5 which supplies the fermentative bacteria to the receiving tank and agitation tank, a settling tank 16 which receives the supply of the aerated sewage from the aeration tank to separate the sewage into supernatant water and settled sludge, a postprocessing part 17 which receives the supply of the supernatant water from the settling tank and discharges treated water, and a biological treatment device 18 which receives the supply of the sludge from the settling tank and biologically treats the sludge.


Hidetaka Kobayashi
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January 20, 2010
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August 05, 2005
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Oike Iron Works Co., Ltd.
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C02F3/12; B01F25/74; C02F1/34; C02F1/52; C02F3/00; C02F3/06; C02F3/34; C02F11/02; C02F11/12
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Hisao Ishii