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Japanese Patent JP4412543
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To provide an apparatus for weaving a woven fabric of belt-like fiber bundle, which keeps excellent state of a belt-like fiber bundle. The weaving apparatus comprises a weft inserting means insertinga weft F in a state of tension into a warp opening area by a heddle and a moving means for moving the weft F in parallel toward a cloth fell while keeping the weft in a state of tension. The weft inserting means has a rapier mechanism of a rapier loom (a gripper mechanism of a gripper loom). The rapier mechanism (or gripper mechanism) is moved in parallel toward the cloth fell by the moving means. A reed 40 is arranged at a position right behind the weft F inserted by the rapier mechanism (or the gripper mechanism of the gripper loom) and the reed 40 is moved in parallel together with the rapier mechanism (the gripper mechanism) by the moving means.

Koji Oishibashi
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Publication Date:
February 10, 2010
Filing Date:
September 21, 2004
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Koji Oishibashi
International Classes:
D03D41/00; D03C9/02; D03D15/00; D03D47/12
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Hideka Tanaka
Yoshiyuki Shiraishi
Kunihiko Shiromura
Tsuyoshi Kumano
Hiroaki Yamane

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