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Japanese Patent JP4441620
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In an internal combustion engine an ignition device (30) is disposed within the combustion chamber (13) in close proximity to a fuel injection nozzle (20). The ignition device (30) comprises a sleeve (34) that provides a shielded space (33) around a hot surface igniter (32). The sleeve (34) restricts flow between the shielded space (33) and the combustion chamber (13). The nozzle (20) comprises a fuel injection port that is oriented to direct at least one fuel spray (22) onto the sleeve surface (34). The sleeve (34) comprises an intake opening through which air and fuel enter the shielded space to form a combustible mixture therein. The hot surface igniter (32) comprises a tip located close to the centerline of the intake opening (36). The combustible mixture is ignited within the shielded space (33) and a combustion flame is propelled through a discharge opening and into contact with fuel sprays emerging from the fuel injection nozzle (20). Methods of operating such an engine are also disclosed.

Hilger, Ulrich
Bertheneck, Bernd
Oversby, Kevin Qum
Rockley, Ian Hayden
Crawford, John Gordon
Man, Kenneth R. C.
Wing, Richard
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Publication Date:
March 31, 2010
Filing Date:
April 16, 2004
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Westport Power Inc.
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F02D19/02; F02B23/06; F02B43/00; F02D9/02; F02D15/00; F02D21/08; F02D41/02; F02D41/04; F02D43/00; F02M21/02; F02M25/07; F02M61/14; F02M61/18; F02P19/00; F02B3/06
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Masaki Yamakawa
Shigeki Yamakawa