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Japanese Patent JP4463871
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To provide a host microorganism enabling improvement of productivity of proteins or polypeptides and to provide a method for producing the proteins or polypeptides using the microorganism.

The recombinant microorganism is obtained by introducing a gene encoding dissimilar protein or polypeptide in which a transfer initiation control region, a translation initiation control region and a signal region for secretion are bound to the upstream into a Bacillus subtilis or other Bacillus microorganism stain whose one or more genes of Bacillus subtilis genes yopO, treR, yvbA, cspB, yvaN, licR, sigL, glcT, yvdE, slr, rocR, yycH and yacP are deleted or inactivated. In the recombinant microorganism, the transfer initiation control region, the translation initiation control region and the signal region for secretion are each composed of a base sequence of base numbers of 1-659 of cellulase gene composed of a base sequence represented by sequence number 1, a base sequence of base numbers of 1-696 of cellulase composed of a base sequence represented by sequence number 3, or a base sequence having ≥90% identity with either one of these base sequences, and these regions are each a DNA fragment having the transfer initiation control function, the translation initiation control function and the signal function for secretion.


Masatoshi Higashihata
Kazuhisa Sawada
Keiko Onoguchi
Tadahiro Ozawa
Katsuya Ozaki
Kazuo Kobayashi
Naoki Takeshi Ogasawara
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May 19, 2010
Filing Date:
April 10, 2009
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Kao Corporation
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C12N15/09; C12N1/21; C12N9/28; C12N9/42; C12P21/02
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Alga Patent Office, a patent business corporation
Miyuki Ariga
Toshio Takano
Toshio Nakajima
Masaki Murata
Hiroto Yamamoto