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Japanese Patent JP4474034
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A conveyor roller drive device is provided to mechanically prevent conveyed goods from falling down on a conveyor system. The conveyor roller drive device includes a power generator for generating rotational power and a coupling portion which is coupled to a conveyor roller. A traction roller transmission mechanism is disposed in the rotational power transmission path between the power generator and the coupling portion. The traction roller transmission mechanism includes a sun roller, planetary rollers disposed on the periphery of the sun roller to roll in contact with the sun roller, a ring roller for allowing the planetary rollers to roll in contact with the inner periphery surface of the ring roller, and a carrier being in phase with the revolution component of the planetary rollers. Any one of the sun roller, the ring roller, and the carrier is employed as an input element for receiving rotational power, another one employed as an output element for outputting the rotational power, and the remaining one employed as a fixed element.

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松岡 弘樹
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June 02, 2010
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September 19, 2000
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B65G13/071; B65G23/08; B65G13/06; B65G39/00; F16C13/00; F16H13/08
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牧野 剛博
高矢 諭
松山 圭佑

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