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Japanese Patent JP4478277
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a portable game machine communication system by which a service provided by a provider terminal unit is utilized in a portable game machine. SOLUTION: The system is constituted of the portable game machine 1 for utilizing the service of the provider, a portable telephone terminal 2 to be connected to a telephone line and a communication adapter 3 for connecting the machine 1 to the unit 2 to perform communication. Connection destination information to the provider terminal unit is stored in its ROM 33. When the service is utilized in the machine 1, the adapter 3 performs connection to the provider terminal unit based on connection destination information and transmits authenticating information which is given from the machine 1. Authenticating information is authenticated in the provider terminal unit so that the service is utilized in the game machine 1.

Satoshi Yamato
Mikihiro Ishikawa
Daisuke Tsujimura
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Publication Date:
June 09, 2010
Filing Date:
February 25, 2000
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Nintendo Co., Ltd
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G06F15/00; H04M11/00; A63F13/00; A63F13/323; A63F13/73; A63F13/98; G06F13/00; G09C1/00; H04L9/32; H04W12/08; H04W88/18; H04W92/08
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