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Japanese Patent JP4499194
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Alloys comprising preferably at least 96% of zirconium by weight also contain 8-100, preferably 8-30 ppm of sulphur. Also claimed is use of such alloys in a nuclear fuel rod sheath, in a container for a bundle of fuel rods or in a guide tube forming part of a fuel assembly. Further claims relate to making such alloys wherein zirconia, containing or free of sulphur, is added to molten alloy, or wherein tin sulphide or iron sulphide are added to the alloy.

Veronique Reveil
Daniel Schalk
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Publication Date:
July 07, 2010
Filing Date:
April 16, 1997
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Companion Europe Anne Du Zirconian Sez
International Classes:
C22C16/00; G21C3/07; C22C1/02
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Minoru Nakamura
Fumiaki Otsuka
Shishido Kaichi
Nobuo Ogawa
Koji Hirayama