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Japanese Patent JP4521360
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It is so arranged that a user can check whether face detection processing has been set. The back side of a digital still camera is provided with a face detection button for setting whether face detection processing is ON or OFF. If the button is pressed to set the camera so that face detection processing will be executed, a face-detection execution mark is displayed at the upper-right corner of a display screen. The user can ascertain that face detection processing will be executed merely by observing the face-detection execution mark. If a face is detected from within the image of a subject, a detection border is displayed so as to enclose the face. When face detection processing is unnecessary, the face detection button is pressed again. Now a face-detection non-execution mark is displayed on the display screen. By observing the face-detection non-execution mark, the user can ascertain that face detection processing will not be executed.

Masahiko Sugimoto
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Publication Date:
August 11, 2010
Filing Date:
January 18, 2006
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FUJIFILM Corporation
International Classes:
H04N5/232; G06T1/00; H04N5/225; H04N5/91; H04N101/00
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Kenji Ushiku
Tadashi Inoue
Takaaki Teiaki

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