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Japanese Patent JP4549626
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A bipedal robot has an upper body 1 which comprises a higher upper body 5 and a lower upper body 6. The higher upper body 5 and the lower upper body 6 are coupled to each other by a rotating mechanism 13 so as to be rotatable with respect to each other about a vertical axis C of rotation. Two legs 2 extend from the lower upper body 6, and two arms 3 extend from respective shoulders 14 on opposite sides of the higher upper body 5. The higher upper body 5 of the robot has a thickness D in a forward/rearward direction and the lower upper body 6 has a width Wd in a lateral direction, the thickness D and the width Wd being smaller than the width Wu in a lateral direction of the robot at shoulders 14 (shoulder width Wu). An electric energy storage device 8 as a power supply for operating the robot is mounted in the higher upper body 5, and an electronic circuit unit 11 for controlling operation of the robot is mounted in the lower upper body 6. With this robot arrangement, the robot is capable of increasing its working capability without impairing the stability of the attitude when the robot works.

小川 健一
小柳 拓郎
宮崎 進
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Publication Date:
September 22, 2010
Filing Date:
September 20, 2001
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B25J5/00; A63H11/00; B62D57/032
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佐藤 辰彦
千葉 剛宏