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Japanese Patent JP4551895
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The procedure consists of distribiuting a quantity of fuel between a primary injection and the main injection according to the combustion temperature of trapped particles in a filter (6) or the temperature upstream of a turbine. The temperature of the exhaust gases is measures ahead of the turbine and measured or estimated ahead of the filter, and the main fuel injection is retarded by a given angle relative to each piston's tdc position. The primary injection of fuel is in two phases - one before and one after tdc, and the quantity of fuel in the main injection is increased at the same time as that in the primary injection is reduced to increase the temperature of exhaust gases and initiate or maintain particle combustion.

Bainal jean jerk
Cliche Jay Loum
Marceli Bruno
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September 29, 2010
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May 17, 2004
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Renault S Ares
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F02D41/04; F01N3/02; F01N3/035; F01N3/18; F02D41/02; F02D41/38; F02D41/40; F02D45/00; F01N3/021; F02B37/00
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Shigeru Kobayashi