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Japanese Patent JP4552216
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Disclosed is a shade curtain for screening a user's face from the sunlight or the insect, which gives a considerable reduction in costs and a considerable improvement in value of commodities. The shade curtain is freely attachable to and detachable from a hat or a safety helmet. Pluralities of supporting plates enclose side circumferential-edges of the hat or the safety helmet. A net-shaped sun shades is attached to and extends downwards from outer peripheral edges of the supporting plates and supporting ribs for supporting front upper edges of the net-shaped sun shade. The supporting ribs are hingedly mounted to front ends of the clipping parts. The clipping parts have a "custom character" shape sectional surface respectively, in which a jaw for holding the visor fitted between an upper clipping plate and a lower clipping plate of the clipping parts is formed at an entrance there between. A locking device is provided at a joint between the clipping parts and the supporting ribs. The locking device comprises a locking protrusion protruding from the upper surface of the clipping part and a plurality of semispherically-shaped protrusions protruding from the front end of the supporting ribs.

李 三 俊
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September 29, 2010
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August 16, 2006
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李 三 俊
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A42B1/18; A42B1/24; A42B1/06; A42C5/00
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