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Japanese Patent JP4637239
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Disclosed is a shaving composition, preferably a shaving composition in the form of a post-foaming gel, that includes a combination of three types of lubricants. The three lubricants are selected from: (a) a lubricious water soluble polymer; (b) water insoluble particles; and (c) a hydrogel-forming (or water swellable) polymer. In particular the shaving composition comprises, in percent by weight, about 60% to about 93%, preferably about 70% to about 85%, water, about 2% to about 25%, preferably about 5% to about 20%, water dispersible (or soluble) surface active agent, about 0.005% to about 2%, preferably about 0.01% to about 0.5%, lubricious water soluble polymer, about 0.01% to about 3%, preferably about 0.1% to about 1%, water insoluble particles, and about 0.0005% to about 3%, preferably about 0.001% to about 0.5%, hydrogel-forming polymer. When the composition is in the form of a post-foaming shave gel, then it will also include about 1% to about 6%, preferably about 2% to about 5%, volatile post-foaming agent.

アリ アルワッタリ
ロナルド パトリック マクラフリン
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February 23, 2011
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April 26, 2006
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ザ ジレット コンパニー
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A61K8/02; A61K8/36; A61K8/81; A61K8/86; A61Q9/02
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谷 義一
阿部 和夫