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Japanese Patent JP4640963
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In order to provide a motor-driven seatbelt retractor in which the temporary weight during withdrawing a seatbelt is reduced so that uncomfortability can be reduced, when a seatbelt is off, projections (21) of an internal gear (17) are placed in a circumferential center between adjacent projections (25) by the spring force of springs (26, 27). When a spool (13) rotates in the belt withdrawing direction, the internal gear (17) also rotates in the belt withdrawing direction. This arrangement disables the transmission of power of a reduction mechanism (15) so as to cut off the direct connection between the spool (13) and an electric motor connected to a sun gear (16), so that the temporary weight during withdrawing the seatbelt can be reduced. When the internal gear (17) rotates at a predetermined angle, the projections (21) come into contact with the projections (25) to thereby stop the rotation of the internal gear (17). This enables the transmission of power of the reduction mechanism (15), whereby the spool (13) and the electric motor are brought into direct connection via the reduction mechanism (15).

Yasutoshi Nomura
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Publication Date:
March 02, 2011
Filing Date:
August 04, 2005
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TAKATA(Europe)Vehicle Safety Technology GmbH
International Classes:
B60R22/46; F16H1/28; H02K7/116
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Kenji Aoki
Ryukichi Abe
Hirukawa Masanobu
Norihiko Uchida
Hideo Sugai
Hiroshi Nagisawa
Akira Yonezawa

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