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Japanese Patent JP4659320
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A process is described for monitoring the effectiveness of a purification process in removing plasminogen activator (PA) endogenous to Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells from a sample containing human tPA or variants thereof. This process comprises incubating the sample with a protease capable of specifically cleaving the Arg275-Ile276 bond of human wild-type tPA and then with denaturing/reducing agents in respective amounts effective to reduce the disulfide bonds of human wild-type tPA; subjecting the sample to a reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography step, and analyzing the elution profile from the chromatography step for the amount of PA endogenous to the CHO cells present therein.

Shu, Yuan
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Publication Date:
March 30, 2011
Filing Date:
November 01, 2000
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Genentech, Incorporated
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C12Q1/37; G01N30/06; C12N9/72; C12Q1/02; C12Q1/56; G01N30/02; G01N30/26; G01N30/34; G01N30/88; C12N9/64
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Yoshitaka Sonoda
Kobayashi Yoshinori