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Japanese Patent JP4676490
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A mobile device for data communications has a radio circuit for data communications with a wireless network access point and a radio tag for transmitting location-identifying radio signals. The radio circuit and the radio tag are co-located on a circuit board or are commonly powered. The operation of the radio circuit and the radio tag are segregated in time to avoid interference. Standard wireless network interface protocol functions are exploited to identify time intervals in which the radio circuit is inactive for data communications. These time intervals are used to operate the radio tag to transmit the location-identifying radio signals.

Vesna Saloch
Zegerin Chris
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Publication Date:
April 27, 2011
Filing Date:
April 28, 2005
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Symbol Technologies, Inc.
International Classes:
H04W84/12; H04L12/28; H04W52/02; H04W88/06
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Sadao Kumakura
Fumiaki Otsuka
Takaki Nishijima
Hiroyuki Suda