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Japanese Patent JP4679415
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To provide a communication system and a communication method in which switching of application is interlocked with switching of a transmission path dependent on variation in communication situation incident to movement of a user in mobile environment.

Variation in communication situation incident to movement of a user is monitored constantly and the transmission path is switched as the state of the transmission path varies. State of the transmission path between its own terminal and a communication partner terminal is acquired using the control message of mobile IP, and compared with the priority reference of every application. Consequently, a transmission path suitable for application can be selected and a service can be provided depending on the communication situation by performing alteration to a content suitable for the transmission path simultaneously.


Hisao Kumai
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Publication Date:
April 27, 2011
Filing Date:
April 03, 2006
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Sharp Corporation
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H04W48/18; H04L45/80; H04L47/76; H04W16/02
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Akinaka Takano

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