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Japanese Patent JP4681562
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According to the present invention, pieces of data of states of sensors and actuators in a bill discriminating and counting apparatus are stored in a ring memory at constant time intervals, among these stored data, both the data involved in an error are associated with the error events and stored in a non-volatile memory or a hard disk when the error is occurred in the bill discriminating and counting apparatus, and then the data is read from the non-volatile memory or hard disk to analyze the error. Specifically, digital port input and output information (states of sensors and actuators), analog sensor voltage, and analog motor current value are stored in a memory at constant time intervals since the power is turned on or the counting is started, and the stored port information and voltage are stored in the non-volatile memory or the like along with contents of abnormality when the abnormality is occurred.

Shinji Matsuura
Toshio Numata
Morino Hajime
Shinji Matsui
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May 11, 2011
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October 12, 2004
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Glory Ltd.
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G07D9/00; G07D3/00; G07D9/04
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Yuzo Agata