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Japanese Patent JP4693640
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To provide a method for manufacturing a cementitious hardened body which does not generate cracking even when the thickness is enlarged, and is usable as a surface plate with a smooth surface, a floor material or the like.

The method for manufacturing the cementitious hardened body comprises a process (A) in which a cement, water and other materials are kneaded to prepare a cement composition, a process (B) in which after a sheet 2 with a smooth surface is laid down on the bottom face in a mold frame 1, the cement composition 4 is fed in the mold frame 1 to form an unhardened molded body 5 with a thickness of ≥20 cm, and a process (C) in which the molded body 5 is aged and hardened while the temperature around the molded body 5 is adjusted to keep a difference between the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature in the molded body 5 or a difference between the maximum temperature in the molded body 5 and the surface temperature of the molded body 5 at most 15°C to obtain a cementitious hardened body 6 to be usable as the surface plate or the like.


Katsutoshi Ichikawa
Shinpei Maebori
Makoto Katagiri
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June 01, 2011
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January 27, 2006
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Taiheiyo Cement Co., Ltd.
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B28B11/24; B28B1/08; B28B1/14; B28B7/36; B28B13/02; C04B28/02
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Naoyuki Koda
Shuichi Kitamura