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Japanese Patent JP4721647
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In addition to the construction of a typical elevator control device in which power generated during regenerative operation is dissipated by a resistance chopper (18), an elevator control device is newly provided with: an electric double layer capacitor (21) connected in parallel with the DC capacitor (3) that smoothes the DC ripple of the rectifier circuit (2) that rectifies the AC power of the AC power source (1) and having an electrostatic capacitance that is considerably larger than this DC capacitor; a voltage detection circuit (22) that detects the terminal voltage of this electric double layer capacitor; and a drive control unit (5) that uses a voltage in the vicinity of the rated voltage of the electric double layer capacitor as the operating voltage of resistance chopper and, when the terminal voltage detected by a voltage detection circuit reaches the voltage in the vicinity of the rated voltage of the electric double layer capacitor, operates and controls the resistance chopper.

Yukio Kadota
Kazuhiko Takasaki
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July 13, 2011
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March 18, 2004
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Toshiba Elevator Co., Ltd.
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B66B1/30; B66B1/34; H02P1/02; H02P3/12; H02P3/14; H02P3/18; H02P27/06
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Satoshi Kono
Nakamura Makoto
Kurata Masatoshi
Muramatsu Sadao
Ryo Hashimoto

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