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Japanese Patent JP4782975
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One or more auxiliary plasma torches are provided to a waste processing plant at strategic locations within the chamber and directed towards the waste column. When a bridge forms within the chamber the auxiliary plasma torches may be operated such as to provide an additional heat source where needed, quickly heating the organic solids, which thus pass through the bituminsation and charcoal formation stages quickly. The additional heat source may be in the neighborhood of the bridge, but may also be near the bottom end of the chamber, in which case the additional temperature at the bottom of the chamber effectively moves the combustion and gasification zones for the charcoal to a higher part of the chamber, altering the temperature profile. The heat source also enables the inorganic wastes to be heated rapidly to pass beyond the melting stage relatively quickly. The debridging process may be further enhanced by providing secondary plasma torches at various levels upwards of the primary torches, the secondary torches at any level being operated as and when needed to achieve the desired effect.

グネデンコ,バレリィ ジー.
スーリス,アレクサンダー エル.
ペガズ デイビッド
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September 28, 2011
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September 25, 2001
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イー.イー.アール. エンバイロメンタル エナジー リソースィズ (イスラエル) リミテッド
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F23G5/24; H05H1/42; B09B3/00; C10B19/00; C10B53/00; F23G5/08; F23G5/50; F27B1/09; F27B1/20; F27B1/28; F27D11/08; F27D21/00; H05H1/44
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斎藤 侑
伊藤 文彦