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Japanese Patent JP4786952
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To provide an electrode lifting control device of AC arc furnace having a function of making electric current flow as established even in the case the current setting value of each phase is set at different values in the AC arc furnace which carries out melting and refining by three-phase AC arc heating.

Current setting value Iset of each phase is inputted into the three-phase AC circuit model of the AC arc furnace, and a voltage value Eiu at a voltage detection point of each phase is calculated, and the voltage value Eib at the voltage detection point in the case the current setting value of each phase is made identical is calculated, and by multiplying the ratio kiv (=Eib/Eiu) to the voltage detection value Ei of corresponding phase, the voltage detection value Ei of that phase is corrected.


Norio Ao
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Publication Date:
October 05, 2011
Filing Date:
July 14, 2005
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Steel Plantech Co., Ltd.
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H05B7/152; F27B3/28; F27D11/10
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Kenichiro Ochiai