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Japanese Patent JP4809634
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A light emitting module according to the present invention is characterized in that a light emitting device and a light-emission-side lens are held close to each other by a holding part extended from part of a stem in parallel with outgoing light of the light emitting device, and light emitted from the light emitting device is refracted. A single-fiber two-way optical communication module according to the present invention has the light emitting module and, in addition, collimate lenses close to an optical fiber and a light receiving device, and is characterized in that splitting of light to a light receiving module or coupling of light from the light emitting module is performed with parallel rays. Each of the collimate lenses condenses the parallel rays to an incident/outgoing end face of the optical fiber, condenses the parallel rays to a light receiving face of the light receiving device, and outputs, as parallel rays, outgoing light from the light emitting module.

西澤 寿樹
三橋 祐司
内田 敏昭
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November 09, 2011
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June 13, 2005
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H01L31/0232; G02B6/42
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岡田 賢治
今下 勝博