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Japanese Patent JP4823401
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Battery has an electrolyte comprising a solvent and a salt (I) comprising a hydroxonium, nitrosonium, ammonium, metal, organic or organometallic cation and a 5-membered (hetero)cyclic anion. Battery has an electrolyte comprising a solvent and a salt (I) comprising a hydroxonium, nitrosonium, ammonium, metal, organic or organometallic cation and a 5-membered (hetero)cyclic anion with the following formula: [Image] X1-X5-N=, -N->-, -C(Y)=, -C->(Y)-, -S(O)(Q)=, -S(Q)= or -P(Q')(Q)=, provided that no more than four comprise N, no more than two comprise S (nonadjacent) and no more than one comprises P; Q', Q : 1-8C perhaloalkyl, perhaloalkenyl or optionally substituted 6-12C aryl or aralkyl, each optionally containing O, S or N heteroatoms; Q : an alkyl, alkenyl, aryl, aralkyl, alkylaryl, alkenylaryl, alicyclic or heterocyclic group optionally substituted with halogen and/or ether, thioether, amine, imine, amide, carboxy, carbonyl, isocyanate, isothiocyanate and hydroxy groups; an aromatic group with ring(s) and/or substituent(s) containing heteroatoms; a polymeric group; or a group having one or more cationic and/or anionic ionophore groups; Y : H, F, Cl, Br, CN, SCN, NCS, NCO, NO2, perfluoroalkyl, perfluoroalkoxy, perfluoroalkylmethyl, tetrafluoroethoxy, SCF3, perfluoroalkylthio, tetrafluoroethylthio, trifluorovinyloxy, trifluorovinylthio, SO2F, SO2Q, COOQ, Q-N-SO2- (sic) or COQ; a group comprising one or more aromatic rings that optionally contain N, O, S or P and are optionally substituted with halogen, CN, CO2, SCN, N3, trifluorovinyloxy, (1-12C perfluoroalkyl)methyl, fluoroalkoxy, fluoroalkylthioxy, alkyl, alkenyl, oxaalkyl, oxaalkenyl, azaalkyl, azaalkenyl, thiaalkyl, thiaalkenyl, polymeric groups and groups having one or more cationic and/or anionic ionophore groups; alternatively, two of Y, Q, Q' and Q can form a 4- to 8-membered ring, or one of Y and Q is a multivalent group attached to a second 5-membered (hetero)cyclic anion, or one of Y and Q is a repeat unit of a polymer; provided that at least one Y or Q comprises a dissociating dipole.

Mistoto, Christoph
Michel, Armand
Gouchier, Michel
Shocket, eve
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Publication Date:
November 24, 2011
Filing Date:
December 30, 1997
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Center National de la Rucheche Chantifique
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C07C309/80; C07D233/58; B01F1/00; B01J31/02; B01J31/04; B01J31/06; B01J31/12; B01J31/18; B01J31/22; C01B31/02; C04B41/83; C07B37/02; C07B37/12; C07B41/06; C07B61/00; C07C45/46; C07C45/69; C07C67/00; C07C255/05; C07C255/10; C07C255/13; C07C255/17; C07C255/27; C07C255/31; C07C255/46; C07C255/65; C07C257/14; C07C311/03; C07C311/04; C07C311/09; C07C311/48; C07C317/04; C07C317/08; C07C317/14; C07C317/22; C07C317/24; C07C317/34; C07C317/44; C07D207/452; C07D213/76; C07D219/10; C07D231/18; C07D233/56; C07D233/90; C07D239/60; C07D241/46; C07D241/48; C07D249/04; C07D249/08; C07D249/10; C07D249/12; C07D251/66; C07D251/70; C07D253/06; C07D277/64; C07D277/82; C07D279/20; C07D285/00; C07D285/12; C07D285/125; C07D285/135; C07D285/15; C07D285/16; C07D303/34; C07D303/36; C07D307/54; C07D307/64; C07D311/52; C07D311/58; C07D311/72; C07D311/80; C07D311/82; C07D319/06; C07D333/16; C07D333/20; C07D333/24; C07D405/06; C07D407/04; C07D409/12; C07D417/10; C07D417/14; C07D487/22; C07F1/02; C07F1/06; C07F7/10; C07F7/18; C07F9/6584; C07F11/00; C07F15/00; C07F17/02; C08F2/00; C08F2/48; C08F4/00; C08F4/04; C08F4/46; C08F4/60; C08F12/22; C08F12/26; C08F12/30; C08F16/14; C08F216/14; C08F222/30; C08F228/02; C08G59/68; C08G65/22; C08G65/334; C08G73/00; C08G73/02; C08G75/00; C08G75/14; C08G77/04; C08G77/388; C08G85/00; C08J3/20; C08J3/24; C08J3/28; C08J7/04; C08L101/00; C09B47/04; C09B57/00; C09B69/00; C09B69/02; C09B69/10; C09C1/56; C09C3/10; C09D11/00; C09K9/02; C25B9/00; G02F1/1514; G02F1/155; H01B1/04; H01B1/06; H01B1/12; H01B3/20; H01G9/02; H01G11/54; H01M4/00; H01M4/58; H01M4/62; H01M4/66; H01M4/96; H01M6/00; H01M6/06; H01M6/16; H01M6/18; H01M8/00; H01M10/05; H01M10/052; H01M10/0525; H01M10/0565; H01M10/0567; H01M10/0568; H01M10/36; C07D207/44; H01M4/02; H01M4/131; H01M4/133; H01M4/134; H01M4/40; H01M4/48; H01M4/485; H01M4/50; H01M4/505; H01M4/52; H01M4/525; H01M4/60; H01M6/04
Domestic Patent References:
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kazuo Shamoto
Shosuke Imai
Tadashi Masui
Tadahiko Kurita
Yasushi Kobayashi
Hiroko Ejiri

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