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Japanese Patent JP4824589
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To provide a new temperature control mechanism designed to readily control the temperature of a drying chamber within a prescribed temperature range in an apparatus for recycling used paper for shredded document wastes and to provide a new winding delay mechanism designed to ensure the removal time of the recycled paper when the recycled paper discharged from the drying chamber is wound in a winding part and the recycled paper reaching a prescribed amount of winding is removed from the winding part.

The apparatus for recycling the used paper for the shredded document wastes, is composed as follows: A dryer part of a paper machine has the drying chamber and a dehumidifying drying part. The drying chamber is composed of a drying casing having the hollow interior and a plurality of freely rotatable rolls in which at least a part thereof are alternately arranged in the upper or the lower side or the right or the left side in the drying casing and an endless belt-like canvass stretched among the rolls. Furthermore, the dehumidifying drying part is composed of a dehumidifying drying case communicating with the drying casing and having the hollow interior and a dehumidifying dryer for dehumidifying and drying air in the drying chamber.


Takahiro Nozawa
Tsuyoshi Kawaguchi
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November 30, 2011
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January 24, 2007
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Joint Stock Company Oriental
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D21C5/02; D21B1/32; D21F5/06; D21F5/12
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Shoji Ishihara
Shinsuke Ishihara

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