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Japanese Patent JP4845882
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An integrated seal assembly (60) and a connector (10) incorporating the seal assembly for connecting a coaxial cable (12) to an externally threaded port (100). The seal assembly includes a bellows-type seal having an elastically deformable tubular body and a plurality of sealing surface, and an integral joint-section (65) intermediate an exterior end (58) and a posterior end (59) that assists in the axial deformation of the seal in response to axially-directed force. One of the sealing surfaces is made to engage a corresponding surface of an internally threaded nut (40). The nut and attached seal form an integral seal assembly. A coaxial cable connector (10) includes a connector body (20). One end of the body attaches a coaxial cable (12), the seal assembly being rotatably attached to the other end.; The connector is engageable with an externally threaded port via the internally threaded nut component of the connector. The anterior end of the seal fits over the port and a sealing surface of the seal is capable of sealing axially against a shoulder of the port while the seal body covers the otherwise exposed externally threaded port. Upon tightening of the nut on the port, the seal deflects in the axial direction to accommodate a variety of distances between the connector and the shoulder of the port. Additionally, the seal is capable of expanding to allow a second sealing surface to contact and seal against a variety of smooth outside diameters of the port. The versatility of the seal allows an operator to use one connector on a wide variety of externally threaded ports without the risk of a faulty seal at the connection or a poor connection due to an improper seal.

モンテナ、 ノア
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December 28, 2011
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April 28, 2005
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ジョーン メッツァリンガ アソシエイツ, インク.
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H01R13/52; H01R9/05; H01R13/622; H01R13/646
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齋藤 晴男

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