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Japanese Patent JP4861652
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It is aimed to improve the heating efficiency of a poured raw material by efficiently creating a natural convection in a container. The interior of a container 2 is constructed to have such a closed loop shape that a heating medium 7 can be vertically circulated. A heated gas passage 5 includes a lower heating section 21 for heating the heating medium 7 in a lower storage 11, and a lateral heating section 22 for heating the heating medium, which was heated in the lower storage 11, in a first lateral section 12. A raw material 1 is introduced to the heating medium 7 which is flowing toward the lower storage 11 in a second lateral section 13 by being heated in the first lateral section 12, thereby promoting the circulation of the heating medium 7. In heat transferring pipes 14a, the raw material 1 is boiled to create drive forces for circulating the heating medium 7.

Kurata Daiji
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January 25, 2012
Filing Date:
July 19, 2005
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Tapioca Commercio e Savicos Socieda de Unipesso al Erdia
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C10G1/10; C08J11/12; C10G7/00
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Yoshiyuki Inaba
Toshifumi Onuki

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