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Japanese Patent JP4879033
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To provide a cabinet which can form a knee space, is easy to use, and does not has a useless storage space.

This cabinet includes a cabinet body 10, a storage section 100 which can be drawn out horizontally relative to the cabinet body 10, and a first rail 110 and the like which regulates the relative position of the storage section 100 to the cabinet body 10. A first rail 110 and the like can guide the storage section 100 to a drawn position where the storage section 100 is drawn to the front side, to a pushed position where the storage section 100 is pushed to the back side, and to an arbitrary middle position between the drawn position and the pushed position. The bottom board 100 of the storage section 100 consists of a horizontal front board 103 located on the front side and a rear board 104 which is located at the back side of a front board 103, is turned around a joint section with the front board 103 between a horizontal state and a vertical state and is positioned into the vertical state at the pushed position to form a vertically penetrating retreat space c.


Naohiro Yamamura
Teruyuki Matsuoka
Okochi Yuuji
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Publication Date:
February 15, 2012
Filing Date:
January 25, 2007
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Lixil inc.
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A47B46/00; A47B77/04; A47B88/00
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GRANUND Patent Office

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