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Japanese Patent JP4895956
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To improve the finish of the drying process of a drying machine and a washing and drying machine.

The drying machine is provided with a rotating drum in which clothes are contained, an outer tank in which the rotating drum is contained and which retains washing water, a motor which is fixed on the outer tank and activates the rotating drum, a means for controlling the rotating drum in two stages (high speed rotation and low speed rotation), a housing which supports the outer tank, and a selecting means for selecting either a drying course or a selective drying course. The drying machine is composed of a setting means for setting the contents of the course for operating the drying process, a blowing means, a heating means installed on the blowing out side of the blowing means, and a nozzle installed on the downstream of the heating means. The drying machine is provided with a means for blowing wind directly onto the clothes contained in the rotating drum and a means for controlling the blowing means and the heating means according to the selected course and the contents of the course set during drying operation. A means for controlling the blowing means and the heating means controls the volume of the wind in 3 stages (large, medium, small) and the intensity of the heating means in 2 stages (strong, weak).


Toshifumi Koike
Tsunetoshi Komatsu
Takeshi Kimura
Yoshihiro Suzuki
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Publication Date:
March 14, 2012
Filing Date:
September 25, 2007
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Hitachi Appliances, Inc.
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D06F25/00; D06F58/02; D06F58/28
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Manabu Inoue
Yuji Toda

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